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About Us

Founded in 2013 in a lofted studio over a garage, Lumberloft Press is a new breed of publisher. Intentionally small and deliberately light on marketing (if you don't believe us, take a look at the surrounding bare bones that we call a website), we are focused entirely on one single goal: bringing the highest quality writing to niche audiences, connecting people like you with their new favorite read.

Now, we know how this sounds. Niche. Indie. All about the reader. Is this just marketing spin on the fact that we have no noticeable presence on the Internet? Not quite, but you're welcome to believe that.

Our business model leverages targeted digital advertising, the likes of which you are assuredly familiar as you scroll through your carefully curated social channels. With a deep understanding of what draws readers into a book, and in particular, in the books that we choose to release on our imprint, we are able to market directly to precisely the right audience using a fraction of the overhead and cost of a traditional publisher. It is also for these reasons that you won't even see a link from this website to our authors.

Our printer (of our physical books) is contracted and on demand. Our art department is run out of a small, independently-owned studio in Europe. Our bookseller agreements are open-ended. Our in-store marketing is almost always grassroots and author-run. Everything we do is flexible, every action designed to propel us forward on our mission.

It's 2020, babies. The big five are still out there, cranking away mindless plot-vacuums in never-ending series that can't help but find themselves on the shelves at every airport bookstand out there. Sure, we have an opinion on all of that. But who's going to listen? And besides, when your mission is as fun as ours, it doesn't even matter.

We hope you enjoy our small but growing library of releases, from Mike Avitabile's Two-Star Hotel to Darrell Gasaway's The Raincrow. Drop us a note anytime at We love to hear from, well, almost everybody. 

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